Why Property

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Build Wealth

There are lots of reason why people build wealth, but the number one reason is to give their family a better lifestyle and to have financial freedom in retirement. The right Property lnvestment can do this for you safely and securely.

The average couple in Australia will retire with less money than what they require to be self funded in retirement, which means they will have to rely on the pension. Creating wealth through property investment can help close the retirement gap and create cash flow later on in life.

Capital Growth

Capital growth is one of the biggest reasons why property investment is so widely used to create wealth. ln Australia property on average doubles in value every 10 years and has done so for decades.

Capital Growth is created in property through multiple ways but the most common way property values will increase is with Supply and Demand & Population Growth. Which means when choosing a region to invest it is important to make sure there will be future demand for housing.

Tax Benefits

Are you sick of paying to much tax each year, than an investment property could be your answer. Buying a brand new investment property is one of the most effective ways to reduce your tax legally. With a new investment property having such great tax deductions like interest, depreciation and rental expenses you
will be saving tax before you know it.

Would you like a pay rise, then consider applying for a tax variation once you purchase your new investment property. To find out more CLICK HERE

Rental Income

Today in Australia there is a large growing number of families that do not own real estate and some never will. Purchasing an investment property will give a family a home.

The rental income from your investment is an important factor because it will help pay for your investment property. When choosing an investment property it is important to consider the potential rental income the property will produce and make sure you are investing in a market that has strong rental demand. Things
to consider are population growth, infrastructure & employment.

Bricks and Mortar

One reason people prefer property as their investment vehicle is because you can actually touch and feel the asset. Banks also prefer Real estate as their security because it does not have the fluctuation like other investments like the share market.

Government Incentives

There is no better time than now to take advantage of Government incentives on offer. lf you would like to learn more about the federal Government’s National Rental Affordability Scheme CLICK HERE.

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