FHB Refferal

Welcome! So you want to buy your first home?

There is so much to learn… I will touch on a few points here and then its Masterclass time:

How much can you borrow – This will save you a lot of time as you will know where you can afford.
We are finance brokers and can deal with all the lenders on your behalf and navigate this complex area.

Where do you want to live –
Once you know how much you can borrow we research where you can afford to live and find an estate/area that you like, it may be driven by where kids go to school , or where you work for example

What are you looking for in a new home –
We will look at floor plans , walk with you thru displays , go onsite to almost completed houses and help you find the house that fits your lifestyle.

Signing Contracts & Applying for the First Home Owners Grant –
Sounds scary – but we guide you thru all this along with your finance application to ensure a smooth process.

We have 5 – 6 builders in most areas and we build along the east coast so we will be able to assist in most cases.

I think I’m ready to buy within the next 6 months – please book me an appointment
I’m not ready to buy but I want to learn how – Book me in for a masterclass

    Now a few questions to help us help you.

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    Name Income Employment Status

    Partner Name Partner Income Employment Status

    #1 Job Role Time Employed

    #2 Job Role Time Employed

    Total Credit Card Limits Total Amount Owing

    Total # Loans Total Amount Owing Total Repayments P/M

    Current Savings $

    I Can Save Per Month

    I have been renting for years and months

    My Credit History