Start a Self Managed Super Fund

Start a Self Managed Super Fund

2 November, 2012 Category: Property News Tags: Self Managed Super Funds, Super Fund, Superannuation

Start a Self Managed Super Fund

There is no better time than now to take control of your retirement funds and consider investing your super into property investment.

Many people are unaware they can now take control of their super to invest in property.
To do this you need to establish a Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF).

What is an SMSF?
An SMSF is a trust where money or assets are held and managed on behalf of up to four members to provide benefits for their retirement. Subject to certain exceptions, all members of an SMSF must be trustees of the SMSF or directors of the SMSF’s corporate trustee.

Why establish an SMSF?
Three key reasons for establishing your own SMSF are control, flexibility and investment choice. As trustee of your fund, you decide on your fund’s investment strategy and choose how your fund’s assets are invested. This means you can invest in most asset classes, although there are some limitations and legal restrictions.

Some of the benefits of purchasing property inside your super are:

  • Create long term capital growth
  • Create a capital gains tax free asset
  • No more share market fluctuations
  • Effective use of rent and contributions

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